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BAA Hires Kenny Thompson as Football Director:

Former national football coach Kenny Thompson will be leaving his teaching post at Cedarbridge Academy to become Football Director of the Bermuda Athletic Association [BAA].

Saying his “mixed emotion” also extends to his departure from the Somerset Eagles, he said he sees this as a period of celebration for the BAA family.

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The full statement by Kenny Thompson is below:

It is an honor to have been appointed Football Director of the Bermuda Athletic Association (B.A.A.). Discussions with John Doran, Patrick Trott and the B.A.A. committee and trustees have been encouraging with these discussions confirming that we share the vision of the basic requirements to improve on the structural and technical foundation of the club’s football program. Our vision is to develop a comprehensive multidisciplinary football academy for long term player development through professionally structured and appropriately intense football training. The program will also include a holistic development plan that is designed to assist in the academic and social development of each player.

My agreement to this leadership position has not been without mixed emotions. Although delighted to work in this capacity of which I am so very passionate I have had to relinquish my position as a teacher at CedarBridge Academy within the Ministry of Education. To this end, I extend my wholehearted thanks to Mrs. Kalmar Richards for her unwavering support and understanding in my decision with special thanks to the entire CedarBridge Academy family. In keeping with my philosophical beliefs, I am guided in that I will continue to remain in contact with Bermuda’s young people toward contributing to their positive development.

My mixed emotion extends as well to my departure from the Somerset Eagles family with special thanks to the Somerset Eagles players and support volunteers who have committed and acquitted themselves superbly throughout my 4 year tenure and whom I have no doubt will continue to excel.

At the same time this a period of celebration for the B.A.A. family and I look forward to working with the club’s leadership, players, coaches and parents of the program as we endeavor to make each participant’s football experience and social upbringing rewarding.

Please accept that with speculative accounts of this appointment being discussed recently today’s media invitation is solely to make an official announcement from within the club. To this end, we will not take any questions at this time. However, we will make ourselves available for interviews in the near future.

Thank you.

Kenny Thompson

The full statement by BAA President John Doran is below:

As President of BAA – I would to thank you all for attending this Historic occasion of the Introduction of Kenny Thompson the New Director of Football – His Football resume speaks for itself! We as a Club are so excited about our Future. When the Junior program was reborn six years ago – The vision of Club is exactly on track to where we want to be. The Field development last year and now today’s announcement are all part of the Club plan.

Special thanks goes out to our Sponsors Lindo’s, AWAC, and HWP Group the distributors for Hyundai cars in Bermuda without their help in funding this would not have been possible.

I would also like to thank the Board of Management, the Club Trustees, and the Members for their support, foresight and believing that the Youth are the future of, not only Bermuda, but the world. This program will develop future Leaders.

Special thanks goes to Patrick Trott for all his hard work in keeping the program going.

Thank you,

John Doran

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