Bermuda Athletic Association

U6 Program update

Dear coaches

It was another busy night tonight, so thanks again for all your work.

I was looking at the numbers and attendance figures to date for this season:


– last year we had 66 players in the progam, this year we have 76

– at this point last year (for same number of sessions) we had clocked 647 player hours of training (for the 66 players)

– this year we have clocked 796 player hours of training ( for 76 players)

– If we pro-rate that, it is equivalent to 700 player hours of training this year (i..e pro-rated to 66 players)


so overall:

– we have 23% increase in absolute player training hours on prior year

– (7% increase if we pro-rate it on prior year equivalent figure)


Numbers aside:

More players, training more than last year, so we continue to increase the traction on the program which is, along with technical quality, our main goal.

So we continue to build the U6 program year on year


“More players + more practice”


Thanks again


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