Over 100 years of Sports and Recreation for Bermuda

Football Juniors

There is nothing more rewarding than investing in a country’s youth, in a community’s future. This proposal is an invitation to invest in Bermuda’s young people through the Bermuda Athletic Association’s Football Academy program.

The Bermuda Athletic Association (BAA) recognizes that our country needs more than a group of technically savvy football players. The island needs healthy citizens and responsible community members who engage in honorable and respectable behavior both on and off the field.

We also recognize that the quality of Bermuda’s football programs need to change, standards need to be raised, and we are willing to take the lead.

That is why BAA focuses on the whole player from the introductory stages of training all the way to the First Division. Using a holistic approach, it pushes both the development of its youth players and the standards island wide. For instance, players are
required to be accountable for their training hours as much as they are accountable for being on the field for an important game. At some football clubs, it is accepted that the best players get most time on the field during games while being absent from training and practice. At BAA, our philosophy is based on discipline and responsibility. For us, no practice means no game time, even if it means that a very good player will have to watch a whole game from the bench. As such, we set higher standards of accountability for the sports club and our players for the benefit of the entire island.

Changing mindset and a culture will not happen overnight. To that end, BAA has devised and have implemented a Take it
out multi-pronged plan to build a comprehensive multidisciplinary Football Academy. The Academy’s focus will be long-term player development through a professionally-structured and appropriately intense football training program.

This proposal clarifies BAA’s strategy and provides information outlining the many opportunities that exist for you to become more involved in supporting the youth of Bermuda.

Established in 1904, Bermuda Athletic Association was the first sports club to be formed by Bermudians. Originally named, The Boys “Own Association”, the Club’s purpose was, “to provide clean sport and recreation for the youth of Bermuda”.

Some things never change. 110 years later BAA can pride itself on knowing that its purpose has not been diluted. Rather, through the implementation of a progressive, multi-faceted strategy, BAA has renewed its focus by making a major investment into both its football pitch and its football program.

Our Technical Director Kenny Thompson rounds out BAA’s strategy. His task is to lead and implement our vision in developing a comprehensive multidisciplinary football academy for long-term, total player development through professionally-structured and appropriately intense football training.”

BAA’s purpose is therefore centered on perfecting its players’ technical training while ensuring that it provides them with a healthy framework that nurtures their health, education, and socio-economic stability.

Reflecting its unwavering focus on the whole player, BAA’s strategy is as follows:

1. Technical mastery of the game

The Football Academy enhances the skills of the players and their coaches.

  • By exposing our players to the best in training programs and game opportunities within a professionally-structured training program, BAA will achieve technical progress. We are committed to providing the proper conditions required for top international player development.
  • Excellent coaches are the foundation for optimal player development. To foster excellence in coaching, we continue to provide our coaches with proper training through theory workshops, and practical sessions, as well as discussions and guidance through mentoring relationships.

2. Health and social development

  • Discipline, responsibility, and accountability in football players cannot be developed in a vacuum. Consistently, on and off the field, BAA players are instructed about the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI), and how it reflects on their performance in sports.

EI is defined as the capacity to deal effectively with ones’ own and others’ emotions, resulting in an upholding of the traditional sportsmanship behaviors, including empathy, self-respect, respect for others, and self-discipline. Research has indicated that individuals with better EI typically perform with greater success in the workplace; the same has proven true for athletes.

  • BAA is also implementing and modelling a program that emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet for our players. As such, we will be taking parents on trips to grocery stores in order to provide them with hands-on experience properly deciphering labels on groceries, and nutrition workshops and presentations will continue to be held at the club.

The fact is that player energy levels and performance on the field are directly related to their nutrition. The sooner they understand that, the better they are able to adopt a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives: before training, after training and, perhaps more importantly, at home, at work, and in other daily interactions.

This approach is holistic. Through all of its phases, as our players grow and strengthen, the same values outlined below continue to guide them:

  • Passion and enjoyment
  • Mutual dependence
  • Humility
  • Communication
  • Understanding what can be achieved with raw talent and potential
  • Hard work and ambition
  • Responsibility
  • Team spirit
  • Openness and honesty
  • Fair play
  • Discipline
  • Consideration and respect

Our success will depend on our ability to maintain equal focus on our strategy and to remain guided by our overarching logic model (see Appendix A) that allows us and our stakeholders to measure our progress as we continue to implement the long-term strategy.

The logic model reflects where input is required and where it should come from. It also clarifies the following:

  • BAA is a community club that draws from all available community resources to obtain the healthy development of its players.
  • Players, parents, and volunteers are just as important as donors and salaried staff for achieving our mission.
  • The desired outcomes for BAA exceed merely being at the top of the league. They reach into providing young players with realistic and relatable role models. Whether it is producing elite athletes or simply engaging the youth in a “sports for life” mentality that will uphold a healthy lifestyle both on and off the field.

BAA keeps a watchful eye on the variables that make the strength of its program and its players. Specifically, it monitors its work along four interdependent lines:

  • Quality of players – their response to the three-pronged strategy
  • Quality of the training curriculum
  • Quality of instruction & coaching
  • Quality of the environment

In order to build a robust evaluation tool going forward, and for each player, we will continue to establish baseline ratings
Technical mastery of the game

  • Attendance at training sessions and workshops (general and specialized)
  • Number of successful key tactics at the games
  • Improvement in enhancing strengths and mitigating weaknesses
  • Health and social development
  • Tendency towards a healthy diet
  • Healthy display of Emotional Intelligence
  • Attendance at related talks and presentations

To learn more, please contact the Bermuda Athletic Association.