Established in 1904, Bermuda Athletic Association was the first sports club to be formed by Bermudians. Originally named, The Boys “Own Association”, the Club’s purpose was, “to provide clean sport and recreation for the youth of Bermuda”.

Some things never change. Over 100 years later BAA can pride itself on knowing that its purpose has not been diluted. Rather, through the implementation of a progressive, multi-faceted strategy, BAA has renewed its focus by making a major investment into its football pitch and partnering with Andrew Bascome and his football management company.

The Youth Program Technical Director Dashun Cooper rounds out BAA’s strategy. “Our priority is to not only improve players technically, but to use football to improve the quality of life for the player.  People may think that the objective of a sporting program should be to develop top players and achieve top results, but the emphasis must also be placed on the complete individual.  We must look at the social and psychological benefits of sport and apply it to our younger people, as they are our future leaders.”

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